Mobile Marketing – Penetrating The Big Mobile Market

The mobile market is a huge market that if you can find a way to get into it can be very beneficial for local business owners. Because the number of mobile and mobile internet users continues to grow at a rapid rate, it is about time that local business owners engage in mobile marketing in addition to their other forms of marketing efforts.

To be able to stay abreast of the changes in the way customers search for products and services, they companies must adapt to the latest trend. And the latest trend today is the widespread use of smart phones. Almost each person you see in the malls, restaurants, or any other public places have phones in their hands. Mobile phones are no longer used primarily for texting and calling only. In fact, they are being utilized for mobile marketing and text message advertising messages as well.

If people used to utilize their desktop and laptop computers in searching almost anything online, well that method has changed when smart phones became one of the most widely used communication medium for in the last 3 years or so. Now, if you want to know what makes mobile marketing a potential way for local business to reach their target audience? Well, think of how many time or how long people use mobile phones every single day. As previously mentioned, mobile market is big, this comprises about 4 billion of users worldwide and about 27% is smart phone users.

Looking at this numbers, you can definitely say that the mobile marketing can provide a higher success rate for mobile marketing. Add that to the fact the increasing number of mobile internet usage, where in about 50% uses their smart phones to do local searches. In other words, mobile searches are highly associated with local searches. If you take that into account, you can get these mobile users find your business when they look for you.

Looking at the other side of it, if you want your customers know what your business or company has in store for them, a mobile text messaging is a very effective way to get your message across real quick. It is because mobile marketing has a higher open rate compared to email marketing. By open rate, it means the time it takes for your message, whether text or email, to reach to your target market.

With mobile advertising option, it has over 90% open rate compared to a little over 20% open rate with email marketing. This means that as soon as your message is sent, it will be read by the recipient in 4 minutes or less compared to several hours if it is sent as an email. This is due to the fact that more people have their mobile phones with them most times of the day. So, this means mobile advertising can get your message across within minutes.


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