A Few Feasible Mobile Marketing Strategies

Mobile marketing is basically a type of promotional activity that is increasingly been taken up by businesses these days. In this form of marketing the promotional messages are delivered and disseminated through the cell phones, Smartphones, and other devices. It is basically a component of multi-channel marketing campaigns that are taken up by companies. Mobile marketing strategies involve advertising delivered over the cell phones as graphic, text, and voice messages. Among these avenues, SMS messaging is today the most common delivery channel for promotional marketing.
With the advent of Smartphones and with the expanding capabilities of cell phones, new interactive marketing channels have been enabled for this type of marketing campaigns. Some of those avenues are as follows:
•Location-based services: In this type of mobile marketing service, the geographical location of the target audience is traced. By detecting the area of connectivity of the users, marketing messages are sent for the businesses in that particular area.

•The second type of mobile marketing service is the augmented reality mobile campaigns. In such campaigns, the location-specific information about businesses and products are displayed on the overlay of the user’s phone.
•2D barcodes are also included in such marketing campaigns. These are barcodes that scan both vertically as well as horizontally. This facilitates in including much more promotional information to the codes. A user can scan barcodes in the specific environment to access the information associated with it.
•In certain mobile marketing strategies, the GPS enabled systems send location-specific messages when the user comes within a certain specific range.
Following are some basic mobile marketing strategies that might help you to build a strong promotional campaign:
•The first strategy is “direct marketing”. It is one of the most effective types of marketing and promotional technique. It has a strong response rates. A shortcode is necessary tool for mobile marketing that you will need to share information with other businesses.

•The second strategy is also known as SMS marketing. This method is the best for sending notices of time-sensitive events. One major benefit of using such promotional tool is that it is not limited to Smartphones. Information through text messages can be send to all cell phone users.
•Sometimes companies provide mobile phones applications that are customized to the industry. This helps the business to jump smoothly over the competitors. Check whether any such specific applications are available for the industry you are in. If there are any, there’s nothing like it.
One of the strategies that companies generally take is to interact with the customers through check-ins and discount coupons. Alluring discounts and gifts attract more customers to the business.
Sometimes it is better to blend marketing via mobile phones with social media marketing. Engage your customers with various polls and contests on social media networking sites, accessible through mobile phones.

So, you can see that there are quite a few feasible marketing strategies through mobile phones. So, contact mobile marketing experts to know the best mobile marketingstrategies for your business. You can rely upon companies like Pi Media Services to provide you the best mobile marketing service.

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